Making music started at the age of fifteen and quickly grew into my greatest passion. As a bass player I always play in the service of the music and the group in which I play. I think that's the best thing: when we can make music together that touches people. And that arises when there is trust and willingness to give each other the space needed for the music to breathe and come to life.

I play bass guitar and double bass in the following formations:


I have been playing in various bands and projects since 2000. I started playing electric guitar when I was fifteen. Two years later I started playing bass guitar. I played both instruments for about ten years. In 2007 double bass was added. I have a lot of experience reading music through the many musical projects and big bands. I took lessons from Frank Mommers and Ratko Zjaca on guitar, and from Berry Jansen on bass guitar. In addition, I went to the Warwick bass camp in 2014, where I followed masterclasses from Victor Wooten, Armand Sabal-Lecco and Victor Bailey, among others. I have played in:

  • Soul/funk/pop bands
  • Big bands
  • Jazz combos
  • Musical theater projects
  • Theater productions
Playing with SOULID!


Harrie Herfst

I have known Joris since 2006 as a very passionate and musical bass player. The word "No" is not in his vocabulary, he is up for anything. Whether it concerns a small background performance with double bass in a trio or quartet formation, or as a bassist in a theater performance (such as TOON: Liedjesman), as a co-composer/arranger in a singer-songwriter band (Me & the Martians), or to lay a solid foundation under an 11-piece cover band, he is at home in all markets. He has been my go-to bassist for years.

Harrie Herfst
Musical director TOON: Liedjesman, composer / arranger / pianist

Roos van Breukelen

I know Joris Heus for about 15 years and we got to know each other through music. First as a talented guitarist during musicals and various big bands and later as a very good and skilled bassist. After a few years of doing our own projects, Joris and I have been playing together in the band SOULID! for about 5 years now!

It is very nice to work with Joris. He has his affairs in order; always prepares well, works very hard both musically and organizationally and last but not least... you can always count on him! There are few people who are as committed as he is. Moreover, this strong commitment always goes hand in hand with a cheerful and positive attitude.

As a musician, he adapts to what is best for the end result at that moment. This makes him a very versatile musician. He can be very service-oriented to the big picture, for example in the theater during an underscore for a scene or grooving as a fellow musician has a solo, but he can also take his moment in a solo or as a driving bassist lay a so(u)lid foundation!

Roos van Breukelen
Theater maker, singer